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Why Do Candidates Call C|N?

  • Our access to hard-to-find, special opportunities that frequently are not otherwise available
  • Our knowledge of the marketplace and of the legal communities we serve
  • Our team of professional recruiter consultants
  • Our ability to place candidates both in permanent and temporary positions

Because of our extensive knowledge of the legal communities we serve and our direct and ongoing contact with the “right” people, we are better able – as local recruiters – to help our candidates open doors, prepare for interviews, receive and evaluate offers and make wise and informed career decisions. Moreover, we always put our candidates’ interests above our own in advising them whether or not to proceed with a position.

How We Work. We engage in both recruitment and placement services – in both cases, employers, not candidates, pay our fees. In recruitment, we look for qualified candidates for law firm and in-house positions we have been asked to fill. In placement, we seek out employers for qualified candidates.

Confidentiality. Selecting a recruiter who values confidentiality is critically important at all times, but especially in a close-knit legal community. It is crucial that the decision to leave be announced at the appropriate time, not accidentally discovered by an employer or colleague. Being aware of even the smallest details can help protect a person’s security. Throughout every step of the search process, we are unwaveringly focused on protecting the confidentiality of all parties.