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Candidate Placement

Corporate Law Department Recruitment. We successfully perform more legal searches for corporations than any firm based in our region. We work with many types of corporations, from Fortune 50 companies…to the leading pharmaceutical companies…to companies planning an IPO…to organizations bringing aboard their first inside counsel. We perform in-house searches for General Counsel and lawyers across the spectrum – from law department managers to non-managerial attorneys with or without special expertise. We also perform searches for paralegals and contract and compliance specialists.

Law Firm Recruitment and Placement. We conduct partner, associate and paralegal searches for firms of all sizes – from some of the most familiar names on the East Coast to small, entrepreneurial firms and national practice firms with new or growing offices in the Mid-Atlantic region. Frequently, we search for and place partner groups as well as arrange for law firm acquisitions and mergers. Finally, we seek to place qualified candidates and groups by introducing them to our clients, even when we have no specific assignment to do so.

Temporary Placement. Our very active staffing group focuses exclusively on the placement of temporary or contract attorneys, paralegals and contract and compliance specialists. We assist candidates who are in between permanent positions for a significant period of time and want to keep working during this period. We also assist candidates who prefer to work on a part time or project basis in order to balance work with family obligations or to supplement a solo practice.