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Compliance Search Experience

We focus strongly on corporate clients and have performed search and staffing work for 13 of the 15 Fortune 500 companies located in the eastern half of Pennsylvania. In addition to aiding our clients with traditional attorney and paralegal searches, we are regularly engaged to help fill compliance positions at all levels. Many of our searches are industry specific, but with the increasingly demanding nature of the regulatory environment facing businesses, we are seeing a growing need on the part of our clients for assistance finding people experienced in general, enterprise-wide corporate compliance.

Select Compliance Search and Staffing Assignments

Select Compliance Search and Staffing Assignments

Specific Areas of Experience

We have worked on searches that required candidates to have high-level skills and experience in formulating and monitoring compliance policies related to:

  • Enterprise-Wide Compliance - corporate codes of ethics and business conduct, contract approval, employee complaint and investigative procedures, and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, among other things
  • Life Sciences and Healthcare - FDA and state drug advertising and marketing laws, Medicare and Medicaid laws, anti-kickback laws and fraud and abuse laws, in addition to other statutes and regulations
  • Financial Services - Federal and state consumer protection laws, Federal and state securities laws, and broker dealer laws, among other aspects of the regulatory structure